Our Teaching Method

Music Lessons in LakelandBruce Adams Music is committed to excellence through fundamentals! He employs a balanced, three-pronged approach in his teaching of each instrument:¬†Technique, Theory, and Performance. By learning and consistently utilizing proper technique, the appropriate muscles are developed and neural pathways formed. Without physical hindrances or bad habits, students are able to excel as rapidly as they wish on their instrument. Music Theory is essentially the academic side of musical study. Mr. Adams incorporates within each student’s curriculum all the music theory appropriate to their level of study. Each student practices and performs music that is appropriate for him/her, while reinforcing specific concepts at the same time. If a student has the desire to learn a particular style of music, or even specific pieces, or if they need help with their band music, that all becomes part of their curriculum as well.

Mr. Adams has taught many All-County, All-District, and All-State students over the years, and several have gone on to receive collegiate music scholarships. This fall, six of his students will enter the acclaimed Harrison School for the Arts! All of his students have the opportunity to participate in various recitals, festivals, and competitions each year.

When he isn’t teaching, Mr. Adams tunes and repairs pianos. He is also available to area band and choral directors for sectionals, master-classes, and guest-conducting.

Please contact us for prices, availability, and to schedule your free consultation with Mr. Adams.

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